Для участия в конкурсе Best Sommelier of Europe 2008 Ассоциацией сомелье Украины был проведен отборочный тур,
в котором принимали участие сомелье из Донецка, Запорожья и Киева.
Представлять Украину будет Алексей Дмитриев.

Конкурс будет проходить в Софии с 17 по 19 мая.


---- Press release---

Best Sommelier of Europe competition organized

by the Association of the Sommellerie Internationale

Following upon the longstanding Ruinart trophy, Association of the Sommellerie Internationale (ASI) will organize on May the 17-19, 2008
the Competition of the Best Sommelier of Europe (MSE) in Sofia of Bulgaria. The competition will be hosted by the
Bulgarian Association of Sommeliers .

Information practices and program: http://asibg-2008.com/

Serge Dubs, Vice president of ASI" European continent", Best Sommelier of Europe and Best sommelier of the World will chair the competition .
The technical committee, coordinated by Catherine Dore and Michele Chantome Astrom, is composed of: Gіirard Basset, United Kingdom,
Paul Brunette, France, Markus Del Monego, Germany, Andreas Larsson, Sweden and Shinya Tasaki, Japan.

Candidates from 30 countries will take part in the European competition placed under the high patronage of the president of Bulgarian republic
that will take place in Hotel Kempinsky and Sofia National Theater.

List of the candidates: www.sommellerie-internationale.com/47.html

ASI (www.sommellerie-internationale.com) has been founded in Reims on the 3rd and 4th of June, 1969 and has for main objectives:

  - To bring together national associations of professional sommeliers and to promote their
  founding  where they do not yet exist

  - To co-ordinate actions aimed at developing and advancing the profession by various means
    (training courses, etc.)

  - To enhance the sommelier's profession by educating consumer

 - To defend the ethics of the profession



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